State burial rules and regulations

If you are looking at burying your angel baby in a final resting place please read the rules and regulations for the state you plan on doing so in.

NSW-“There are no regulations for this type of burial. However you should have the property owner’s consent and ensure that there is no risk to public health or the environment e.g. the burial is of sufficient depth and not near any water source/groundwater to prevent any contamination and/or risk to public health.” 2.3 Burial of bodies. Bodies must be buried at a minimum depth of 900 millimetres Under Clause 64 of the Regulation a person who buries a body contained in a coffin must place the coffin so that its upper surface is not less than 900 millimetres below the natural surface level of the soil where it is buried. http://www0.health.nsw.gov.au/policies/gl/2013/pdf/GL2013_016.pdf